Saturday, January 06, 2007


Pray for them

From a mother who's son may be deployed to inflate Bush's manhood. "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen." Prayer Request: When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops around the world. It's going around as a chain letter. As, unfortunately, with so much to do with our servicemen/women, the photographs have no names. One can see above that a shrine has been made for a fallen comrade from Texas. A few cartridges, flags, and candles, and a hand-lettered sign giving the man's name (perhaps Lance Cpl. Rown?), the date (April 26th, 2004), and a slogan "A Friend, a Leader, a Marine" are all that we have. I never agreed with this war. But those who serve deserve our greatest respect. They have placed their lives on the line, gone into places we would not, endured danger and hardship and sorrow. And so, please, pray for them all, all of the people in that war-shattered nation, our servicemen especially. One of them may be the son of the woman who sent this to me.
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