Saturday, January 27, 2007



A huge antiwar is taking place on the National Mall right now.
C-SPAN is covering it live.
MSNBC is reporting on it, though not covering it live. At the moment, the "disturbing case" of two teenagers videotaping a sexual assault is of greater national importance.
On CNN, they're chatting about the 2008 election.
Why, no, I didn't bother checking Fox News. Should I?
[One hour later] Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn and Jane Fonda are talking to the crowd on the National Mall.
MSNBC is talking "family money".
CNN is talking about campaign cash for 2008.

Any estimate of the crowd size, MEC?

I am so glad that there *are* people out there and feel bad not to be there.
Thanks for the update, MEC. I should be there, too, and feel badly about not being there.
The AP reported the crowd size as "tens of thousands". By the usual conversion factor, that means at least 100,000.
I picked up the C-Span replay.

It was at least 150,000. So that conversion factor seems accurate.
Over at DKos, at least two diarists are saying that 600,000-plus folks showed up. Or, as one of the marchers noted, nearly as many people as the Iraqis that have died since the invasion began.

(Oh, and sorry, Banned One, but we still know who you are and when and where you post. Bye-bye!)
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