Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Reverend Evil and the Lie Machine

If a Christian ever needed proof that a fundamentally evil force is behind the Republican Party, s/he need look no further than the Unification Church and its Washington Times and Insight magazine. The head of the Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon, pretends to be a replacement messiah, because he says that Jesus failed. Unlike Jesus, he is immersed in finance, and part of that finance is the buying and selling of fundamentalist leaders. The Church engages in bizarre sexual practices such as mass arranged marriages. The word that comes to mind in "antiChrist." Bob Parry has an important article out that shows how Insight started a bogus story about Barack Obama attending a Muslim “madrassah” when he was six years old, a smear that was then attributed to operatives of Hillary Clinton. The shrewdness of Moon’s Insight magazine story is that it hit two enemies with one anonymously sourced stone, a strategy of slime and divide straight from the textbooks of a spy agency like the CIA. It does this every campaign season: In Election 1988, Moon’s Washington Times floated a story that Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis had psychiatric treatment...in Election 1992, it bannered an accusation that Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton had worked for the KGB... in Election 2000, when George W. Bush was seeking the White House, the Times pushed allegations that Vice President Al Gore was “delusional”; in Election 2004...it trumpeted attacks on Sen. John Kerry’s patriotism. Moon has supposedly poured $3 BILLION into his money-losing publishing empire. Who has this kind of money to waste? Who is the real power behind Moon?
Thanks for highlighting this article. Your link is broken, though--it should point to http://www.consortiumnews.com/2007/012207.html
Thanks, WZ! Repair is on the way!
As with other cult leaders, Moon gains assets when he gains new believers. Religious gullibility is likely all that's behind his bankroll. But the bush family is definitely arm-in-arm.
Moon also is notorious for, ah, combining his business interests (which existed long before his church did) with his religious interests. Namely, he recruits his churchly followers to work in his business empire for low or no wages. But since his factories are all outside of the US, he avoids any sort of legal trouble therefor.
Moderator, you pose an interesting point and one that needs to be followed.

Moon has very strong connections with KCIA. Bush directed the American version. Many of their mutual friends have intelligence connections as well. Richard Mellon Scaife, for example.

And then there's WACL, a fetid swamp of thugs and authoritarians the like of which the world has rarely seen.

I think a reasonable question to ask is whether the intelligence agencies, which use and abuse their secret powers to manipulate world events, are not the power behind Moon.
Moon's rise is truly disturbing. I grew up around DC in the '70s, and he was the bogeyman. The Moonies would brainwash you and take you away from your family! If anybody approached you in the airport with a flower, you were to run away as fast as possible.

I still remember the mass wedding of his followers in the DC Coliseum. Cults were a big deal then, and TV had movies of the week about parents snatching their kids and turning them over to deprogrammers.

That man made his billions by mindfucking lonely young people. That he's the power behind so many thrones is disturbing.

And he gets support from Krazy Kristians™ despite the fact that he claims to be the real Messiah. He bribes churches to take down the crosses in their naves!

It just boggles my mind.
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