Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Sarajevo, Somalia

Pinpoint-precise airstrikes in Somalia: U.S. Special Ops Forces Strike Somalia U.S. Special Operations forces have launched a pair of air strikes on Somalia. Many people are believed to have died. One man told the Associated Press that his four year old son was among the dead. The title of the action Operation Illegal Lambasting SALIM LONE: You know, let me begin by saying that the world has become used to what is called “targeted assassinations” -- in Gaza by Israel, in Afghanistan by NATO, and in Iraq, as well. But let us be clear that all such attacks are illegal under international law. No one has been identified and tried and sentenced. Invariably, lots of innocent people die in such attacks, sometimes scores, as happened recently in Pakistan. So these are illegal attacks. ... I do not understand what the intention is. The world does want to help the US end terror, but ... this will increase the amount of terrorism that exists in the world.... It is a totally brutal attack that has killed many civilians. There was no need to do it this way. ...This is completely reckless. But it is also inevitable, because the US, using the issue of terror as the goal to defeat terror, wants to place in Somalia -- and it is succeeding so far -- a client regime, which will go along with what it wishes to do, as happened in Iraq. ...Somalia sits at the tip of what is called the Horn of Africa. This is one of the most strategic regions in the world, after the Middle East, because through the Red Sea, you have daily, you know, scores of oil tankers and warships passing back and forth, because of the wars in the Middle East. It also is newly oil-rich. There are extensive reports, terrible reports, that Somalia now also has oil, just like most other countries in the region have. ... Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, all these countries are just a few miles from Saudi Arabia and Yemen and Iraq.
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