Saturday, January 27, 2007


Suhprahz! Suhprahz! Suhprahz! [1]

(Update: With apologies to MEC, who spotted this first and is therefore entitled to give me a dope slap) Via Avedon's Sideshow the AFT proves that, once again, David Horowitz and Lynne Cheney are BS artists in alleging liberal academic bias. Without wasting too much time on the topic, their alleged bias "research" does not meet the minimum standards for research. ___________________ [1]: for anyone under the age of 90, the post title comes from a 20th century technology called a "television" "sitcom," viz. "Gomer Pyle" (pronounced Goh-mur Pie-ell)
Charles? Avedon wasn't the only person to notice that report.

I'm just sayin'.

And kudos to both MEC and Avedon.
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