Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Symptom Of A Disease

NPR reported this morning what many of us following Glenn Greenwald and others in the reality-based community already knew: That the Bush junta not only had no reason to keep Jose Padilla locked up, much less tortured, for years on end, but deliberately went out of its way to drive him insane so that he could never be a free man even if they stopped torturing him. The BushCo fear of having to admit even the most trifling mistakes has had many manifestations over the years. The Bush junta fanatically resisted letting the UK have the British citizens that BushCo had imprisoned at Guantanamo: Not because they were "dangerous", but because they were innocent. This was shown by the fact that the persons in question were freed from all custody shortly after they landed back on British soil. And of course, Bush and his PNAC Platoon of grifters, free-market freebooters, and incompetent ideological hacks, cannot admit that they made a mistake in invading Iraq in the first place. Invading Iraq has been their dream-wish ever since PNAC was founded in the mid-1990s. There is no limit to the amount of suffering they will inflict on others, especially if they have no political power, rather than admit that they were wrong -- much less change their policy. We're talking about a group of three-piece-suited thugs that laugh off the knowledge that they have the blood of at least 700,000 Iraqis and a few thousand US and British and European troops on their hands, rather than admit they are wrong. Why should they balk at torturing a man until he's insane?

and people have the nerve to ever insinuate that i am overreacting to world events. there are evil forces out there that would just as soon wipe us from a cell floor than do any good for the People. and this infuriates me beyond belief.

gonna chase your link now.
Or, IOW, like Juan Trippe, Bush is a "charming Yale gangster".
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