Thursday, January 04, 2007


Your GOP/Media Complex In Action

Both Thersites (guest blogging for Atrios over at Eschaton) and Ezra Klein over at TAPPED note the NYT's weird obssession with Hillary Clinton's food choices:

Mrs. Clinton has gone to great lengths to try to keep these meetings private. She and her aides have strongly asked Democrats not to report what has taken place there, from what she says to what she eats, and where (she had the lamb at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Washington, the Dover sole at the Four Seasons in New York).
Ah, this brings back memories of Campaign 2000, when virtually every private event of Bush's (and many an event that was supposed to be public) was off-limits to reporters, whereas Gore was so accessible he damned near let the scribes follow him into his toilet stall -- and the media dissed GORE for "not having enough press conferences" (the implication being that Gore was being too secretive) while on the campaign trail. The NYT will probably spend more front-page column inches obssessing over Senator Clinton's menu plans than on the ramifications of the Military Commissions Act.

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