Sunday, December 26, 2004


DNC: Biting Off the Last Hand that Feeds It?

Let's recap: The Democratic leadership has been, at the behest of the corporate cronies running the DLC, been for the past decade-and-a-half, shoving the Democratic party farther and farther to the right? Why? Because the DLC says we'll lost corporate backing if they don't. Guess what? The farther to the right we went, the more the corporate donors backed the Republicans. Before the DLC started their rightward magic, we used to get near-parity, or at worst a 2-to-1 deficit, with the GOP in terms of corporate donations. Now, during the 2004 election cycle, Corporate America's donations are ten-to-one in the GOP's favor. With Corporate America gone from the Democratic picture, that leaves Hollywood and the grass roots -- both of which the DLC falsely blames for the 2004 losses when in fact Hollywood and the grass roots, especially at the local levels where Democrats made some strong gains, are what kept the Democrats from a total disaster รก la 1972 or 1994. So what do the leaders of the Democratic party do? Why, they work like crazy to make sure that someone who would actually shake things up is not allowed within a million miles of the DNC Chair. Read the whole sickening story here. (12/27/04 edit: And here's the PDF file list of DNC members that Blogswarm provided. Write and call them.) And after you do that, give Nancy Pelosi a call and ask her why the hell she's backing yet another DLC DINO:

DC Address: The Honorable Nancy Pelosi United States House of Representatives 2371 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515-0508 DC Phone: 202-225-4965 DC Fax: 202-225-8259 Email Address: WWW Homepage:
(12/27/04 Second Edit: On second thought, skip Pelosi and focus on your own state's DNC members -- it looks like her approval is the Kiss of Death.)
It would be more to the purpose to simply write your state's DNC members and ask them to suppport Dean. If enough people do this Dean will win. Beating up on Pelosi serves no purpose.

Alice Marshall
I'm in favor of doing both. I've been contacting my DNC members to back Dean for weeks now. But the Anybody But Dean contingent has the big-name Democrat power brokers on their side. They get the ink and thus the perception (which soon becomes the reality) that they are the frontrunners. Each time one gets shot down, they bring up a new one. (And what does it say about the DNC's feelings towards Howard when Nancy Pelosi, the alleged Big Liberal Democrat and powerful DNC member, repeatedly snubs Dean in favor of DINO after DINO?)

The DNC isn't the SEIU. The SEIU didn't repeatedly blow off their rank-and-file membership when the rank-and-filers made it clear the first time that they wanted Dean.
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