Monday, December 27, 2004


DNC Chair Follies: The Letter Box Edition

I apologize, Alice! I should have known better than to trust the GOP/Media on this one. For those of you following at home, I was worried earlier because prominent DNC member and alleged liberal Nancy Pelosi was, far from heeding the grass rooters' call for Howard Dean as DNC Chair, doing everything she could to block it -- and getting lots of media coverage while doing so. To me, this seemed like it meant that the DNCers were going to snub Dean and shove a DLC DINO down our throats, no matter what we did. Guess what? It looks like it's a GOOD thing that Howard hasn't got the Pelosi endorsement. Seems that Pelosi and her cohorts are so ID'ed with the Beltway Establishment that a nod from her is the proverbial Kiss o' Death -- which is apparently why each DINO she anoints goes down like Ann Coulter with a boat anchor tied to her feet. So Alice was right: Ignore Pelosi and concentrate on contacting your own state's DNC members. She'll come around soon enough.

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