Saturday, July 09, 2005


Michigan's Granholm way ahead of Republican opponent

The Detroit Free Press reports that Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm leads likely Republican opponent Dick DeVos 51% to 33% in a new poll released Friday. Sixteen percent were undecided. I don't know whether these numbers are influenced by the Michigan Democrats' persistent reminders of DeVos' contributions to Michigan's high unemployment rate. It couldn't be that Our Jennifer has greater name recognition, because the DeVos name is as well known in Michigan as the Bush name is in Kennebunkport. Of course, that name recognition might be hurting Dick: the idea of former state GOP chair Betsy DeVos as Michigan's First Lady certainly gives me the heebie-jeebies. (Betsy is Lynne Cheney without the charm.) Note to all you out-of-staters who've seen Gov. Granholm in action: Sorry, she can't run for president; she was born in Canada. (The good news is that she's the inoculation against shoving through a Constitutional amendment so Gov. Gropinator can run for president.)

Eh, there is still a long hard fight ahead. Granholm pissed off way to many people. Her approval rating is equal to the number of people who say that they would vote for her. not a good sign. Jennifer is in great danger of people forgetting to vote for her on election day.
Got any evidence for this, PU? Or this just the standard GOP boilerplate denuciation-without-substance?

The DeVos family's Amway money won't be enough to save them this time.
You state;
"she's the inoculation against shoving through a Constitutional amendment"
Does that mean she's not supportive of the Amend for Arnold and Jen site?
It was my understanding that she was as interested in this amendment as Ahnuld...
Although, admittedly, I can't find anything at the moment on the site that mentions a "Jen" other than the name.
Vern, what MEC meant is that Granholm is such a rising star that the Republicans don't want to do anything that might allow her to become president.

Besides, since the Gropinator's own star is not only falling, but heading for the Marianas Trench (he's less popular than Gray Davis was at the nadir of his time in office), one doesn't hear much talk anymore among the GOP about amending for Ahhnuld, much less Jen.
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