Sunday, October 30, 2005


Another allegation that the Katrina crisis in New Orleans was deliberate

Reported on Laura Flanders on AAR by Abigail Baer: 200 Houston bus drivers were turned back by the military from New Orleans and prevented from evacuating residents. This is referred to at The tribunal heard stories that made you heart-sick, from a bus-driver who organized 200 buses to help people in New Orleans but was turned away by the government, to prisoners being left to die, to the fact the Blackwater security guards, famous for the brutality in Iraq, arrived in New Orleans before FEMA! It was also apparently introduced as evidence in the hearings held by The Bush Commission and an audio link is given hear Naturally, until substantiated, it's an allegation. However, it has been made publicly, it describes a specific incident, and it presumably could be cross-examined. All we need is a functional Congress. It is getting more and more difficult to believe that what happened in New Orleans was accidental.
As I posted on September 9, the Associated Press reported on Monday, August 29, that "FEMA had medical teams, rescue squads and groups prepared to supply food and water poised in a semicircle around" New Orleans, according to Michael Brown.

Those supplies apparently were never delivered. I noted in the post that the listed supplies included generators and communications equipment; a week later, Gov. Brown was still asking FEMA for this equipment and not getting it.

Part of the scandal is that, apparently, not even the Associated Press followed up on this report to ask what happened to those emergency supplies.
Apparently the Florida counties in which state response to Wilma was ineffectual were Broward and Palm.

Interesting coincidence, wouldn't you say?
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