Sunday, October 09, 2005


What, You Mean Dobson And Moon Aren't Going To Loan You A Few Bucks, Pat?

I'd blogged about this last month, some folks over at an atheists' blog picked up on the same things, and it looks as if it's close to being official: The Christian Coalition is collapsing before our eyes. Sean Robertson over at DailyKos has a diary on the subject. He quotes heavily from this story in the Virginian-Pilot. Some choice bits:

The group's annual revenue has shrunk to one- twentieth of what it was a decade ago - from a peak of $26 million in 1996 to $1.3 million in 2004 - and it has left a trail of unpaid bills from Texas to Virginia. Among the creditors who have sued the coalition for nonpayment are landlords, direct-mail companies, lawyers and at least one former employee seeking back pay. It has even come to this: The company that moved the group out of its Washington headquarters in 2002 went to small-claims court Friday in Henrico County trying to collect $1,890 that remains unpaid on its three-year-old bill.
And yes, as was mentioned here last month, their former lawyers were being stiffed, too:
The coalition's attorney, Brad D. Weiss, moved last month to withdraw from the Ammons case, citing an "irreconcilable conflict" among himself, the coalition leadership and its board. Meanwhile, two other attorneys, H. Jason Gold and Alexander M. Laughlin, who had been representing the coalition in the Ammons bankruptcy proceedings, moved to withdraw as well. Their reason: The coalition had failed to pay them.
Now if only the same thing would happen to Dobson's outfit, we'd be getting somewhere. [UPDATE: And it looks like this might be happening already. Or at least starting to happen.]

Cynic that I am, I wonder how much of the "Christian" Coalition's money ended up in Pat Robertson's pocket.

Oh, for an independent auditer.
Robertson bailed out on the group a few years ago, leaving it in the care of Roberta Combs. I suspect he gave himself one hell of a golden parachute.
Robertson having bailed out on the group a few years ago doesn't mean he didn't first find a way to funnel the revenue into his own pockets.
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