Monday, January 16, 2006


Dear Anonymous...

We have yet another anonymous coward posting about Samuel Alito. And claiming to be a liberal. And calling it left-wing extremism to criticize Samuel Alito. Some people with sixth grade orthography are deep thinkers. Mr. Anonymous Coward is not one of them. Here is a thread on which to debate whether Samuel Alito belongs on the Supreme Court... if you're man enough to do it. Personally, I doubt there's enough of a man there to mop the floors with.
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I'm sure the author deleted his own post for very good reason. It wasn't deleted by the people here, who not only believe what they say but understand the issues well enough to actually debate them.

Why is it that no one is willing to debate whether Samuel Alito should be confirmed for the Supreme Court?

Could it be that the point of view that he is totalitarian and racist is actually not as extreme as the anonymous cowards who post this crap want to pretend?
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