Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Kaloogian Baghdad Picture Lie Update

This Kaloogian idiot and his crew just can't help themselves, can they? Remember earlier today, when I posted various links about Kaloogian (or as I'm tempted to call him, Ka-lie-gian) and his using a picture of Istanbul and pretending it was Baghdad, so he could try to claim that Baghdad was safer than the US media claimed? Well, now that the picture's been debunked to hell and back, Ka-lie-gian's admitted that it's indeed Istanbul -- but that it was an honest mistake, since his entourage went through Istanbul on their way back from Baghdad and somehow the photos got mixed up. Except that they didn't go through Istanbul on that trip. As TPM Muckraker's Justin Rood reports, they went through Athens. (Which brings up the question: From which Internet site did they most likely steal that picture? Somebody owns the copyright to it, and it's probably not them.) Even better: Ka-lie-gian's now replaced the street-level Istanbul-as-Baghdad pic with an aerial view of Baghdad. As blogger AA notes (and demonstrates), aerial views aren't quite the same as street-level views when it comes to conveying information about things like relative peacefulness.

AND it has just now been proven that even this photograph was not taken during the trip when he says it was! One of the buildings in this photo (taken from a high up balcony in the protected area) was completely destroyed BEFORE Kaloogian's trip... this lying politician did not even travel outside the green area and was at all times heavily protected by armed military escort. Give me a f***ing break! VOTE these lying Bush apologists out of office!
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