Thursday, November 16, 2006


Morning News Roundup

Because I'm too lazy to break these down into separate posts: -- Following hard on the heels of UK Labour's turning to Howard Dean for assistance with the upcoming local elections in Scotland and Wales, further confirmation on Tony Blair's weakening hold on the levers of Labour's internal machinery is found in his finally admitting that Gordon Brown is going to be his replacement. -- Speaking of the Good Doctor, he's even got some props from Republicans on his fifty-state strategy. One guy at credits him with "destroying" the Delaware GOP. (And as Kossack Delawareliberal notes, "destruction" is not too strong of a word to describe what happened to the state GOP there.) -- The Nation's Tom Englehardt gives us The Good News About Robert Gates, which boils down to this: Yeah, he's one of Poppy's fixers -- but he's also not a total flipping maniacal idiot, which means that the chances of an attack on Iran just dropped considerably. (For one thing, he understands that attacking Iran would not help stabilize things in Iraq -- quite the opposite, in fact.)

It puts a big smile on my face to know that things went so well in Delaware. May even more good things happen soon.
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