Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Somebody Noticed

Somebody noticed that Howard Dean's leadership of the DNC had something to do with the Democrats taking over Congress.

The [Canadian] Liberal party will turn to a Democratic heavyweight from south of the border to inspire the troops during their convention. Liberals hope to learn from former presidential contender Howard Dean who changed the way U.S. parties finance campaigns in the run-up to the 2004 election with his grassroots, Internet-based appeal. As chair of the Democratic National Committee, Dean was a leader in this week's mid-term elections that gave his party control of the U.S. Congress. Liberal national director Steven MacKinnon says Dean's campaign helped reinvent the way democracy and political parties work.
Is it really too much to ask for Dean to get a little credit in his own country? (UPDATE from Phoenix Woman: Wow, first British Labour, now the Canadian version thereof. The Doctor really does make house calls! No wonder Carville's grumbling -- those are two fat contracts he was no doubt hoping to snag.) (RESPONSE from MEC: I think the Canadian gig isn't a contract, just a keynote speech. I wouldn't be surprised if Howard's not getting any pay for it beyond having his expenses covered. But it would still gall Super Consultant if the Canadian Liberal party thinks Howard will give them better advice than he would.)
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